A Princess
2001-08-12 18:04:01 (UTC)


Why do I love shopping so much? I dont know maybe because I
love looking great in most thingz ;) Na im not that vain,
erm well nearly :) Went to outfit again and saw kellys sheep
top, holter neck wollen thinger, I laughed at her when she
told me she wanted to buy it but hey I tried it on (size 6
may I add,muhahahaha Im good)and it looked great on me so I
thought what the hey and bought it :) Its blue and white and
has a big red star on, because Im a lil star O:-) I also got
another one of those hoodies as kelly cousin calls em but
this ones grey :) I bought some red, white n silver bangles
because they look good on me and wlel they remind me of
america :D

Mum: Where did you get that bracelet?
Me: No where.
Mum: Come on tell me, who gave it to you?
Me: No one, mum go away
Mum: Come onnnn *whining*
Me:MUM JUST GO AWAY, I have lodsa these things
Mum:Well ive never seen that one before
Me:Oh well
Mum:Was it a boy?
Mum:Good because your far too young
Me: *gasping* yeah erm and boys dont make bracelets
Mum: Oh yeah

D'OH!lol Does she know how old I am, she thinks I dont have
guy friends,or even like deary dear :(

ANYWAY, My bracelet rocks even if people think ive became a
bristol rovers fan :-/