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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-29 13:41:31 (UTC)

*Shanen* Ahh I am sick and..


Ahh I am sick and bored and tired so I am just going to
write in this journal. Ok, I thought I'd be better enough
to go to school, but I'm not. I actually tried to convince
my mom to let me go today, but she took my temperature,
looked at my throat, and told me I had to be kidding. So I
am stuck at home with no voice. Nothing is on tv except the
Chipmunks, that's a cool show! So I guess I'll be missing
todays St. Rose bball game. That sux, I mean I don't mean
to sound as if I have no faith in my team, it's just that
St. Rose is really good, and how is my team going to play
without the point guard? The only person I think that could
take on the PG responsibility would be Kristen E., but she
hasn't had much practice in that position. So anyways, I
hope I can go tomorrow....especially to see Matt.

Today I ALMOST looked in my mom's walk-in closet to see
what I got for my birthday! But I said ALMOST. I used to do
that around Christmas time with my sister like...4years
ago. I hate getting sick, and I don't like freezing at the
bus stop, I hope it gets warm soon, I just want it to be
summer, I honestly cannot wait. Friends, beach, parties,
and sure I'll probably have some work and some hours at the
hospital(volunteer work), I can't believe me Amanda n Jen
already went bathing suit shopping...and soon we'll start
loadin up on the rest of our summer attire, that's how
impatient we are for school to end.

Well I gotta go to the doctors soon, BYE.