supra p8ntbll

2002-11-06 02:01:47 (UTC)

bad :( and paintball ;)

well i guess things r still lookin down.
i have a project that was due yesterday and i know have
points off. so i had to slap the bitch together. i have to
present it and i have no idea what its really about. i
also have a project in english and i don't know what to do
or how to present it. i guess im doin it on paintball.
while we're on the subject.... i cant live without first i played it twice than dropped it for
about 9 months without thinkin of it cuz i had no one to
painntball with. now that i do its like a hole other world
that kicks ass. i mean forget golf and soccer and that. i
realised i cant live without it. its now my life. there's
only one problem with it....... MONEY! i have none. well i
have bout $1,500 in my bank acount and thats it. im savin
the money for a supra. but i might buy an ir3 angel.but man
i'm tellin u i need to play it every week. i love it.
mainly woods. i think its better than speed ball. but then
i haven't done speed ball in a hell of a long time......
bad: school
good: paintball ;)
nik 11/5ish/02 later

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