My Reality
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2002-11-06 01:14:42 (UTC)

An enlightened view...

I am currently enrolled in a class that i was told was
required for my major, otherwise i would have never taken
it. Its called family and child development, and going
into it i thought it was going to be filled with all of
this new aged bullshit that talks about how kids need more
hugs and we all need to talk about our feelings and we need
to give each other time outs and all that bullshit. i am a
firm believer in spankings, holding as much emotion in as i
want, and going off on ppl when they need it. Thank god
this class is nothing like that. its been kinda
interesting actually and hit home in a lot on instances.
we recently were talking about mate selection and how we
choose who we want to be our mates and who we are
attracted to, and to my surprise its really been proven
that there is a difference between the two. From what i
understood from our lecture the other day, women find more
symmetrical men more attractive, and generally we look for
these mean only when we are menstrating, our sexual levels
are at their highest then and we want to "procreate" during
this point in time, however, when we arent menstrating, we
choose less symmetricla men to be our mates. typically we
choose the men who arent as attractive to be our life long
mates, its jsut the pretty boys we want to fuck on
occassion because they would have good genes for good
children. i almost peed in my pants when i heard this. it
was absolutly right.
also, i found out that women tend to be more provacative
during menstration because we get highly sexually aroused
bc we want to create another life and not let this good
oppurtunity to last, so subconsciously during that time of
the month we tend to present ourselves to the world in a
whole new manner. unbeleivably thats true.. i work my ass
off uring that time to look hot.. i always thought i was
trying to make myself look better bc i generally feel like
crap at that time, but i guess underneath it all i just
really want to get
i dont know why ifelt the need to share this i jsut thought
it was kinda amusing, its a good class except for that
occassion when we venture into that topic where our
professor wants us to talk about our parents sex life,
which just weirds me out.
oddly enough it has answered some really weird questions
for me....our professor asked us to think about it and
decide if we wold ever let our parents make an arranged
marriage for me....oddly enough i said yes...that is to my
father...i completely totally trust that my father would
pick someone who would make me happy..he would find someone
who suited me best out of anyone in this world because he
is the person who knows me best..definetly not my mom
though her priorities are way too screwed up and would get
me a rich hot guy or a something liek that instead of
personailty which would jsut suck she has tried picking out
guys for me when i was 18 she fixed me up with a 26 yr old
who was kinda weird nice but weird and it was just akward
and embarressing,
ok ok let me say i dont want to get married any time soon
but if i had to and i couldnt have a say i would totally
trust daddy-o...but i think that right now i will stick to
picking my own men i mean i seem to have done a good job
with josh..he is awesome and really the only guy i would
bother with right now....i dont want to toot my own horn
but i get asked out on a regular basis probalby twice a
week and i turn them all down for the most part, i dont
see any potential, so josh be honored...youre the only guy
who is worth my time...hahaha...thats sounds shitty but i
maen it with all my heart!!!
oh yeah one more big announcement..weirdest thing happened
the toher day...i wassitting in the hallways waiting or
class and isaw this guy that walks by me everysingle day as
i sit there...he just walked up and handed me a note and
then left....i opened it up and it simply said ...SMILE...
i saw him today and i just kinda smiled and laughed full
with embarresment, he leaves and then five minutes later
comes back and asks why i laughed, he introduces himself
and said that i usually smile a lot but the past two days
he had seen me, i handt been and he just wanted to
encourage me to start again bc i have a great smile...his
name is rick and while im not that enthusiastic about
dating anyone, and he really isnt my type, i jsut thought
it was really sweet and i look forward to talking to him
again soon,he seems to be a good link to some real
intelligent conversation which i have been missing since i
dont get to talk to josh a whole lot here lately....but by
no means does he replace is one of a
kind...actually dating around doesnt appeal to me at all
right now...i am ready to just have one guy in my life and
focus on that i dont have the time to date around and play
the games and make shit difficult...look why the fuck does
it ahve to be so hard huh?...i love josh and i want to be
with josh it seems he wants to be with me too so why the
hell cant it happen?...eeeerrrrr..anywho, got that out now
i am good...tootles