kiss me, kill me, hold me, thrill me
2002-11-06 01:03:39 (UTC)


It's been a few days. I've just not had much exciting
happen in a while. John and I went to the most amazing
concert on Saturday. We went and saw Badly Drawn Boy. It
was so much fun, I want to do it again. John is just so
sweet too, I love him to death.

I got to see Dave on Saturday too. John and I met him a
coffee shop with along with Jay and a girl Jay invited.
Dave wore the most amazing blue shirt ever. It was a long
sleeved button down shirt. I forgot to tell him I liked
it till the next day. He said he wore it because he
thought I would like it. I sure did like it and I told
him at least a couple times.

We were all going to see Starwars Episode Two Attack of
the Clones on Saturday night, but Jay bought us tickets
and then had to run his date home. She wasn't feeling
well, but he didn't say that when he called. The message
he left simply said he was calling it a night and going

I was pissed because I did not know that she was feeling
sick. I thought he was just calling the evening off for
no reason.

I got over being mad. Turns out Dave backed out and
wasn't going to go see Starwars anyway. John and I were
way too tried after our concert as it was. He was nearly
falling asleep when we got back to his house. I did
manage to be awake enough to drive home.

I took some pictures yesterday. I needed them for the
menu I have to make for class. On Saturday I got some
pictures of the coffee shop we were at. I took pictures
of my mocha and cookie. I even got a picture of John,
Dave, Jay and his girl.

The ones I took yesterday are mostly of an italian soda
and some ice cream bars. I did get a few pictures of
myself. I got dressed up in my short plaid skirt and put
my fake lip ring on. I hope they turned out well. I used
my tripod and tried to focus it right. It was hard to
focus without being able to focus on me. I would then set
the timer and run into the shot and pose.

The pictures should be done very soon so I will head out
to pick them up.

Right now I am painting a picture of a girl. I'm painting
it with shampoo for the hair. I need to do a painting
using a non-traditional painting medium for my watercolor

At times I do not understand my painting professor. It is
a watercolor class, but we are now using other mediums and
on this project people could even sculp things.

I'm getting the pictures now. I'll write later about how
they turn out.