No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-11-06 00:52:09 (UTC)

Just some horoscopes

"Whatever your gender, there's something truly masculine in
your bravado and denial. You make outrageous assumptions
about someone's intentions. Still, you might actually hear
this person say 'yes' if you're patient!"
"You're ready for the next step in the relationship, but
you sense there's some digging needed before the foundation
can be built -- don't hesitate to probe deeper than you've
gone before. If your honey isn't ready, you can trust them
to let you know. You're coming at the romance from the same
angle, so don't start preaching to the converted -- your
significant other will make their move when they feel like
it! On Friday or Saturday, make sure you have all the
facts -- because hidden agendas don't lead to wholesome
relationships. Luckily, Sunday is all about smooching!"
"Lately, it feels like you're always the bridesmaid, but
never the bride. Something in the air may leave you feeling
sorry for yourself. Great things are happening to other
people and it's possible that you feel left out. Observe
closely, since similar circumstances are about to happen to
you. Although deep down you are genuinely happy for your
friends, you can still offer useful advice to anyone who
listens. Tonight, find a quiet place to rest your weary
"You outgrow a role. Observe with your head and heart. Stop
being such a mystery."