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2002-11-06 00:43:19 (UTC)

Hi. I m lonley. Did you know..


I'm lonley.

Did you know that?

I know who does.

She's with me though.

Kinechewaaaa.....Sorry, i was venting. I'm lonely and i'm
not happy with my parents. They never understand.
They place restrictions based on who they are, and they
are constantly trying to live, above, beyond, and through
their kids. Stupid philosophy. My kids will be who they
are, not who they should be based on my expectations.
Little Zygomatic and Conundrum, i can't wait.

If you're lost and you look, you will find me.
Time after time.
If you fall i will catch you, i'll be waiting.
Time after time.

-Cyndi Lauper

Take care of eachother, and take care of yourselves.



PS. I miss you. You know who you are. Miss you so.

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