The Life of the young and broke!
2001-08-12 16:36:45 (UTC)


Yesterday was my friend Kristen's Birthday. Now she never
has been one to go out and get wild and things like that.
I'm the one friend of hers that is like that. She asked me
to come over to her house last night and then go see a
movie with her and Betsy. I said "alrite" but I decieded to
surprise her by inviting some other friends of hers. One of
which was Spencer who you know all ready I totally adore.
Earlier that day I was on the phone with Spencer for 2
hours and he kept saying how he liked me and all. Well, I
was expecting to be very happy with him at the movies. I
also didn't believe Kristen would interfere but man was I
wrong. Kristen decieded she would sit by him during the
movie. Ok fine I can handle that but when every time I look
over they are lauging and touching now that just got to me.
Betsy and I tried to ignore her for a few minutes after the
movie so that she would relize that I was pissed at her and
talk to me. Not only did she not even relize that we were
ignoring her (she was 2 busy with Spencer) when we finally
confronted her she totally denied doing anything wrong. Now
I know that you probably think put some blame on the guy 2.
Well the way I see it is that Kristen knows how much I like
him and he doesn't so..... Anyways the night wasn't all
bad. At the beginning I say a friend that I haven't talked
to all summer! His name was Ryan and he is a year younger
than me. When I saw him I ran over to him and he gave me a
big hug. He has grown a lot since the last time I saw him!!
He was like all over me... He kept hugging me and
everything OMG!! I loved it but there is one thing I wish I
would have done.....Kissed him!!!!! But oh well! Next time
I guess. Also there was a huge storm last night it was cool
though. well later days