Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-01-29 13:01:00 (UTC)

Hey, Today is pretty shite. I m..


Today is pretty shite. I'm in a bad mood, coz this morning
my mum decided to tell my dad and sister what I was saying
to chris on the phone last night. She shouldn't have even
been listening in. I don't get any privacy in that bloody
house. I know she listens in too coz I'll take the fone to
my room and a couple of mins later my mum will come up and
pooter around in her bdroom or the bathroom. Then as I get
off the fone she leaves. Does she think I'm stupid?! She's
also been telling my family I've been creeping so I haven't
got to pay the fone bill. My sister told me that infront of
my mum and she didn't deny it. Thing is I haven't!! I
wasn't even being nice!! I was being mean coz they've been
peeing me off lately! Never mind, let her think what she
wants to. the sooner I move out the better.
Work was ok this weekend. I managed to open 3 accounts,
which may have got the manager on my side. I don't think
she likes me, she gives me dirty looks.
I really hope I can join this musical. My friend Derek let
me play in his band last year, we've kept in touch and he's
joining this 50's raok n roll musical. It'll be fab!
They've got a place for me, if I want it, but it's in the
west midlands which is hard to get to, I've got college,
but apparent'y it's in the summer hols. My mum and dad
probably wouldn't let me though. Damn them!! Plus I'll be
at Challaborough then, so I don't know if I'd wana, but
it's only weekends.
Chris is coming saturday! He says he mite give up with
trying to work at Haven again, espacially Challaborough and
get a job in Modbury, which is the next village, or Torquay
or sumthin. In a way, that would mean we'd split up, and in
a way, I'm quite glad.
I got invited to an engagmeny party from a boss at work. i
wasn't guna go, but my mates are, who I went ot the meal
with, they wert a good laugh, and so I mite go. We mite go
to a club after too. If my mum will let me. My dad said he
didn't mind, he wants to take me and pick me up tho, which
isn't really fair on HIM, coz it'll mean staying up late,
but when he won't let me go if he doesn't pick me up, what
can i do?
I'm having a real fat day today. I usually like mornings,
coz when I look in the mirror I look slim, but today I was
a beast. Better get back on that diet to look good for the
ball and party e.t.c.
Found out today that some of my exams clash. Thats a
bugger. See, I have Media in the morning, and if I re-take
the one I already did last week as well as the new media
exam, that'll use all of the morning. Then Psychology and
English Lang clash. So I either have to do one after the
other, in a go, or if I'm not re-taking the media do my
media, then either Psychology or Eng. That means I'll have
to be supervised so that I can't tell anyone about the
exam, and take the other that afternoon. Damn hard choices.
And I just remembered that i mite have my English re-take
that day too. I better find out about that.
Well, if that haasn't confused you, you're smarter than u

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