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2002-11-05 23:21:58 (UTC)

The Beginning ....

ok, so I am not too orginal. But, I wanted an online diary,
and well, here we go.

I have started going to the Gym again. I hope to keep it up
this time. It's an easy habit to get into, and an easy one
to get out of. I joined "24 Hour Fitness" a few months
ago, had a personal trainer for several weeks. He showed me
a lot, since I was a total idiot when it came to the
equipment, so I am grateful for his support, but after a
while, he got on my nerves, I mean, now I know what I
should be doing, just leave me alone and let me do it.

I have a few sites on the web where I have made a home page
or stored photos.
(user - markhand58) and (user - markatclarian)

ok, so I did it, I started a "Diary" I think I perfer to
call it a Journal.