De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-08-12 13:49:30 (UTC)

Weir House ROCKS!!!!

Saturday 11/8/2001

This muz be the shackest and most eventful day so far...

Morning was quite relazin... in fact i even planned to go
swimmin at Oriental Bay wit Yoke Leng, but dat gal din wake
up on time.. in the end, i went swimmin alone..but it feels
so great so swim in the heated pool... freyburg pool is
located at the u get a very nice view near the

i hadta rush back to Vic Campus to attend the Singapore
Student Association BBQ at Ramsey House. Tze Wee was settin
up the grill when i got there...and the gals are not even
there yet!! there were plenty of food..and i was hungry
after the was fun grilling all the food
in the cold weather : was even drizzling
slightly.... soon quite a large groups of Singaporeans
arrived...Singapore is truely cosmopolitan, u have pple
from all races being Singaporean...kindof special...
anyway the food was great and we watched Chicken Rice War,
which i havent got to watch back home...hehe... the SSA
announced a ski trip in August..and i tink we'll signing up
for dat.... more to come for dat...

the highlight of the day muz be the Weir House Ball.... we
spent the rest of the afternoon dressing up, prepareing for
the big event... i was busy irongin my clothes, polishing
shoes etc..... everyone were so busy dressin up...realli
fun to see the gals scurrying around...half-made up....

dinner was a candle-lit affair but i din wanna wear my suit
to the dinner in case I dirtied it....

pre-ball was at the Weir House lounge... we went into photo-
mania again...everyone was busy clickin pics wit everybody
else....they all looked great in formal wear!!

We proceeded to James Cook Hotel in the bizarringly cold
weather... a huge bunch of us squeexed up on dat little
wooden platform on the cable car station... the kiwi gals
are so wild!! they were screamin in exicitation and one
even faked an orgasm wit another guy while waiting for the
car to come...realli crazy bunch of pple...liberal
too...lotsa touching everywhere.... the cable car driver
was so amused that he sounded his horn as the final
orgasmic cry to their simuation..hahahhaha...everyone burst
out laffing... it was so crazy aand riotous in the cable
car... they were all high and cheering all the way down the

James Cook Hotel was an 3star hotel if i'm not wrong..but
they decorated it wso well.... we arrived at the looby and
proceeded to take photo shots was amazing how a bunch
of crazy pple suddenly turned so dignified...: P...say too
fast though... when we hit the rock band ballrooomm..all of
us started goin crazy and danced god, i've
neber danced for so long and so fast in my life!!! we were
switchin partners like crazy and flirtin wit each other!!
nobody realli cares what's goin on dat long as
each have fun!! the rock band's realli fantastic..belting
out songs after songs...the whole house was so high, pple
were juz dancing was a fantastic liberating

the jazz band was juz as good...we ended up slowdancing wit
the jazz music... me , nick , YL, Seyan , Amber, Zhaoming
tried to do the chacha..and YL taught us guys how to do the
tango and waltz...not my cuppa tea..but it's a good skill
to pick up!!

more crazy dancing after...all the way till 1am.... i
couldn't remember a nite in my life when i felt so great
and crazy!! in fact we were all like dat, ... The climax
came when we all bounced around to Song2, by Blur...
everyone was so high by then,..and the enrgy of dat song
simply blew us away...i hadta down so many glasses of water
after dat!!!

after the ball ended, nick suggested we go clubbin
sommore..Alan soon arrived and the five of us went downtown
to TBE Fridays and The Grand...mainly electronica and pop
dance music... we danced further into the nite ...when we
met the Commandoes guys the hiugh Commission the
other day.... all of us sat down to drink coffee and the
guys ended up tokin abt army stuff for such a long was around 3am when we decideded to leave
and headed for the arcade..where we stayed to playu some
video games.... until 4am.....

then alan discouvered that his car was dented by some
hooligans.... someone climbed onto his car and jumped on
the roof...needless to say, he was furious and even took
out his hockey stick to beat up the person if he appears...
no one did of course...and he sent us back.... the gals
even wanted to tok cock more....but i hadta turn in around
430am as i have a project meetin on sunday monring..

my god, wat an incredible nite!! I am so glad we chose Weir
House to stay here...It gave me the chance to behave like a
freshmen again....and if hostel stayin is like dat... i
shud have been stayin in one long time ago!! It's been so
fantastic that this nite will forever be etched in my
memory.... : )