SuGaR RuSh
2002-11-05 22:56:29 (UTC)

take me now

what up yo..i never write n e new cd
came out 2 day and christina's came out last week..i NEED 2
get gettin SC tix 2 morrow AHHHHHHH I CANT
WAITTTTTT! goin out w/ jd now..we went 2 the
movies last nite it was fun...i saw jackass again lol
cracks me up...n bri dun believe us its so funny.AND AND
AND.. i went 2 the hockey game on sat w/ chow and we had
get seats and i look over 2 my right and andys sittin thar
watchin the game so i called erin shittin myself then i
like hung up on her and ran over 2 him and he didnt really
wanna talk bout oh well im out