80% Illusion
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2002-11-05 22:34:40 (UTC)

Captured II

With fingers strangly gentle he unwound the cloth from my
mouth. I looked with fear into his cold, dark eyes and drew
a mental image of his features. Expecting a look of anger
or hostility, I was shocked to find him with a look of
sadness, utter sorrow..

I had to bite my tongue in order to stop me from asking him
what was wrong. Why should I even care? He is the one who
brought me to this place. With shaking fingers he wiped the
tears from my eyes, and told me in a whisper that
everything would be just fine, he just needed to talk to
me. I believed him, for some reason..I believed him.

I sat quietly and waited as he undid my ties binding me to
the chair. I absently rubbed my bruised wrists and wondered
why I was needed, what could he need with me? I wasn't
anyone important..

He led me up the stairs and I blinked at the brightness of
the room. It was painted in white and black. There was no
color except white and black, besides the large bed in the
corner, which was a blood red color. I just wanted to lay
down in it, it looked so comfortable. I just stood, waiting
for this mans next move.

"My name is Jason Aniketos, I do not want you to be frightened, I
mean you no harm, do not be scared," he stated, his voice a mixture
of pure strength and power, and a hint of danger.

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