Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-11-05 22:15:29 (UTC)

str8 outta compton....

Hey what's going on, im matt 2 with another installment of
diary fun. I've been lazy and havent been keeping up with
the diary but im here to update you on the who's, the
what's, the when's, the where's, and the why's of my
exsistence. I got a new guitar and it makes me want to
play selections from Megadeth's "Rust in Peace" album.It's
very 80's rock, but more along the lines of say..Iron
Maiden than the pepto-pink axes used by my favorite hair
band poison. So Jon, matt and i all partied like rockers at
the Tree sound halloween party, jon and i were the "hives",
well at least 2/5's and matt was Jack white from you're
favorite phsycadelic/grunge/rock/blues band the white
stripes. I believe Jack White is Jack Blacks Arch nemisis.
I would put my money on mr. Tenacious D himself if there
ever were face off, although Jack White may have a shot if
he decided to uses the razors on Jack Black, you know the
razors that he has in his throat that constantly shread his
esaphagaus as he sings, leaving his words to be un-
intelligable. So we just added a show on Sat night at the
Cotton Club with the band Favorite, so there's a good
chance i will be making overly homo-erotic faces, gestures
and the like at Crawford as he sings.I guess what im saying
is..leave the kids at home...get a sitter because you will
want to be sure and dive head first into this rock
spectacle. Matt's all about punch drunk love, and i must
admit i am interested in a viewing but today on the
radio...they gave it the royal rip treatment, "overly
artsy, and stagnant" make the call. Im
listening toi 80's gansta rap these days. Easy-E (rip) NWA
and Too $hort rounding out the roster on my mix cd.
Rollin' down the street in my 6-FO