I never wanted a desk job...
2002-11-05 21:12:39 (UTC)

It's still Monday

It's always Monday in this hellhole.

I suppose if I didn't wake up in the morning with this
pessimistic attitude about my job, maybe things would go
better. It's just that when I get to work, there's always
something petty going on, always something to bitch and
moan about, that makes me so mad. Why can't people just
get along? Our department is so clearly divided it's
sick. It's boys vs. girls, and I refuse to take sides. We
both hate our jobs with such a passion (my boy and I) that
it's almost humorous at times. The number one focus now
though is to get enough money saved up by next summer to
get the hell out of here. I think a couple thousand should
do it; we're not going far so a moving van wouldn't be THAT
much...I hope!

This weekend was good; very relaxing. Watched the Griz win
another game, did laundry, cleaned the house...it was
nice. It's times like that where I don't think I'd really
mind being a housewife...

My goddamn fucking car broke down again last week, though;
I ended up having to drop $300 to get it fixed AGAIN. The
starter went out; and I just gave the thing a badly-needed
tune up and oil change while it was in the shop. I figure
I've spent at least a grand on it so far this year, and I
still need to get new tires before winter truly shows up.
I wish I could afford a new car, but this one's paid off,
the insurance is cheap, so I can't complain too much. But
I VOW to get a new car as soon as I get a decent job.

Anyway, enough bullshitting for today...back to work I
go. :(