Procrastination is Key
2002-11-05 20:53:15 (UTC)

Its been a while

Ok- havent written in like 6 months- originally it was just
b/c my summer was just back and forth b/w Raleigh and a
couple of family trips- so nothing exciting:-p
Now its about 4 weeks until finals start- how crazy. The
semester is going ok- not great- but I'm managing.
Hopefully I'll make it through next week though, after that
I think things will be fine. It wouldnt be so bad that I
have 3 tests if I actually understood one thing that we had
talked about for the last 3 weeks in physics and had read
at least one of the 4 chapters my chem test is on! I'll be
working on those two things for the rest of the week. At
least I get to drop one chem test though- but I would have
liked to get an A on one of them at least- I have been SO
close the other 2 times! Other than that my lab report,
physics webassign, and prob set that have to get done!
It seems like I have been a lot more busy this semester,
but I dont know if thats true. I don't think I have had
more than about 2 weekends where I havent had a school or
civitan related thing to do though- so thats getting kind
of tiring. I am rebelling I guess- skipping out this
weekend and next on things that I really should do. But I
gotta study this weekend and definitely need to go home for
cake and ice cream next weekend;)
Work at the garden has been ok- hopefully I can get this
program that I have been working on done before the end of
the semester. And I really need to actually walk around out
there but I'm always in such a hurry!
So its almost 4 and I need to get started on all this fun