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2001-08-12 09:06:38 (UTC)

4th another great weather day Saturday aug.12 3:06am

The day started out to be scecpticalwith don't disturb
can't do anything but it soon went over but only slighty
kind of cotinued but Ihad better time not getting it to me
did not most of the insesense today all organized at least
I will know where to find them and what kind is waht
without spendinding all day fighting with them to find what
you what or don't want.Pretty quit day . The painter so
called friend had his show last nite with the snobs he
called at minite to say the bought and bought and that we
were loseres well I am happy for that we are finall rid of
the studderer who has notheing better to do than comlain
about everyone.. Like I'm sure he has always done about us.
just a two faced ashole I wouldn't be surprprised to find
out that the snbob party was another trumped up story like
others he has told.. you can never tell. It is all a waste
any way I am glad to be once again for the 5 or 8 time
done with him.. maybe he will move sooner than later,.It
was another allniter last niter till 8 am watshed a real
good movie for a change instead of typing all those hours..
probably felt a bit better because iI was takeing my pills
better toda and didn.t take that heavy one last nite?? I
don't know but I did miss the 2 painting shows and just
caught the one a 4pm I am getting to like his style better
now that I have seen it a few time and understand better.