Life of Joolz
2001-08-12 08:28:34 (UTC)

Sunday 12th August 2001

All is quiet on the western front-what a peaceful weekend
it's been-just moi! Ron's at work this weekend so it's been
a right old change just me doddering around the house.
It's dark and cloudy outside, but very warm, says 72c on
thermometer-very humid as it's been raining last night and
looks like it's going to again.

Went to the quacks on Weds and he gave me 14 Sonatas and by
God I have slept really well since Thursday night when I
took one. Had to half them as they are very strong. My
heads cleared of all stress as I have finally slept. This
is just a short term measure to help me kip, and I won't be
asking for anymore. Will keep the rest for dire emergencies.
I worked it out how much sleep I have been getting, and in
the last 16 days it's averaged only 4 hours a night-no
wonder I have had constant headaches and felt down.I was
nearly hallucinating and kept seeing things jumping at the
corner of my eyes, shapes and things, and I was like a
zombie at home and work, not hearing people and unable to
concentrate. Oh well, I feel better now.

We had a curry buffet on Friday lunch time at work as
Yanine got her promotion-she's off in October to be a
Personal Advisor at Jobcentre plus-am pleased for her.Was
stuffed to high heaven with curry/bhajis/nans/salad/choc
cake at 1pm. Couldn't eat a meal that night.
Loads of my friends are away abroad, or going. Jill's off
to Alcudia next weekend, Jude's in Alcudia now, Linda's in
Torremolinos, Lorna is in Cornwall camping (ha ha-I can't
stand her) Eileen is off to Florida next Friday, Rose is
off to Kenya in 3 wks time, and mum will just have got back
from Germany-must ring her to see how it went.
Vanessa's off somewhere abroad in September, but not booked
yet. And we have another trip to Amsterdam soon on the new
ship the Queen of Scandinavia. Oh, and Lindsey is going on
same ship on Tuesday coming. I got her a special deal on
internet-she's dead chuffed with it-maybe I should be a
travel consultant-Mrs Lunn Poly!
I finally finished my bedroom off yesterday-the ceiling is
done. I couldn't be bothered but I did it-looks very nice
now-looked daft before half done, but with company here I
just didn't have the time or energy to do it. So that's
that. Have already got bored with boring white walls in
hallway, so might change that.
My new door is arriving on 31st August-thank God for that-
can't wait to see back end of my scruffy blue door. Will be
nice to have a door which doesn't need painting-can't
imagine me with new door! Sad case aren't I getting excited
over a door? Will paint the step afterwards and put some
plants outside-I put a small conifer outside front door and
it's thriving in it's pot, and no-one's pinched it either.
Off for lovely cuppa coffee now in peace-ginnies are off
outside again in their run. Yesterday they munched grass
all day, and skipped and jumped to the hearts content.

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