Little Garcia

Guardian Angel
2001-08-12 07:34:16 (UTC)

The begining

Aug,12, 2001

The Story:
October Friday,13, 2000.

The first day of my life. 16 year old girl just broke up
with her boyfriend one week ago on this day, of the past.
My friend Melissa was going to take me out to a concert in
toronto to see a local friends band I.M.R.U.
I was all up for it I guess you could say. I mean I wasn't
too depressed. We only went out for a month. So the deal
was; after school we'd go up to the depo across from our
school and wait for a bus to pick us up and the rest of the
'local punks'. That was an other thing. I was afriad that I
wouldn't fit in. Because I wasn't a punk. I was your average
alternative kinda chick. When I got there I met up with
Melissa and she introduced me to her friend Kristan and I
hung out with them until the bus stopped. Everyone was
commenting on Kristan and Melissa's hair {they spiked it and
dyed it pink for the concert that night}.I sat infront of
Melissa and Kristan who sat together. I sat alone. The whole
ride up there I thought of what a shit time I'm going to
have that night.
When we got there we got there and I knew the bass player in
the band that was playing. So once they were finished I
talked to him and we watched the next few bands together.
I.M.R.U. was one of them and the band that this bass player
was in was talking about how "gay" all these band were. Then
Another band came on, the Innocence Project. The first song
got my attention so I moved towards the crowd more with
Melissa and we were having a great time! When they were
introducing the next song I turned to Melissa and said
"Don't you hate pants?" She looked at me then turned to th
eband and yelled "Take off our pants!" we got the guitar
players attention. He looked over towards us and replied
"Take off- what? What did you say?" So I yelled "Take off
our pants" He turned back to the audience and replied "For
the sake of Supernova I'll keep my pants on" I laughed.
They played the another song. We screamed at the top of our
lungs. I really took a liking to there bass player. He was
quite attractive. There drummer looked alittle too much like
my ex, but cute. The guitar player. WAS a guitar player. I
have no other way of saying that. He blew me away with his
riffs and his creativity in song writting. Then they had a
guest come on to rap. This really made the punks mad. They
booed The Innocence Project. The guy in the band that I was
satnding with came over to me and was mocking this band. I
smirked at him and watched the band. the bass player walked
up to the mic. An said "Hey can you show alittle respect
this song is dedicated to ......" i can't remember the name
but it was dedicated to a dead politicion that brought good
yadda yadda yadda. I was like. wow that took balls.
By the next band and the band after that I got bored but
Melissa and everyone else was really into it. So I took off
to the bathroom and freshend up. On my way back up I saw the
guitar play and there 'guest rapper' sitting down in the
lobby talking. Well I thought mabe I could talk to them.Get
to know them...and there bass player...alittle better. I
when I walked up to them they kind of looked confused. Like
they knew that I wasn't mute or blind yet I still came to
tlak to them. I turned to the guitar player and said "good
show dude". Then I turned to the rapper and said "hey man
sorry about the crowd booing at you guys. I apologies on
there behalf.. oh by the way m name is Natalie" The guitar
player stook his hand and out and said "hey I"m Nick and
this is Ian. He called over the rest of the band. "this is
Mike the bass player and Chris the Drummer" I shook there
hand, there drummer was on his way home.Damn ohwell. THere
is still that cute bass player. "Chris, Mike and Nick, we
have the most common names.." the guitar made a comment. I
nodded. "he turned to the bass player. "Hey Mike. Natalie
likes our band..we have a fan." "WE HAVE A FAN!?" he said so
surprised. "and a purtty one too." Nick said. "I'm going to
go tell people." I laughed and the bass player was off
running to go and tell there friends. "Now as our first fan
you know you have special privliges." Oh yeah? I replied. I
ended up talking to Ian and Nick for awhile until we went
back to the concert hall and I talked to the bands friend
Eleni while the boys took off doing band stuff I guess.
After that Mike came back and I talked to him. We talked
about ninendo 64's golden eye and Kraft Dinner. he kept on
asking me questions. When Nick came back Mike told him that
I was in love with Kraft Dinner and golden eye. Nick told
Mike that I play guitar and was also a singer. {that was
from conversation I had with Ian and him}
I ended up spending the whole night with the band. It was
the best. I was so flattered by the Nick, the guitar player
being so infatuated by me. I thought he was pretty wicked
too. That night Nick gave me the band members number {EVEN
THE BASS PLAYERS! WOOP!} I got there web page and the guitar
players ICQ. When I left I gave Nick a hug and I was going
to leave when I heard "hey what about me?" "yeah what about
Mike?" I felt really bad that I didn't give Mike a hug but I
was too too shy. HOMO! I was soo tempted to grab him
in the ass just as an opoligy. But that night I couldn't
stop thinking what a great guy that Nick was..uh I mean Mike
..or wait a sec....I think..I think I did mean Nick.
It begins.