Kittys thoughts
2001-08-12 07:27:19 (UTC)

I m getting depressed again,I..

I'm getting depressed again,I think that I might talk to my
doctor about it,but then he might want me to go to a
shrink.I hate feeling like this,I start to doubt everything
in my life.enough of that ....well cassie went to the lake
with C.J. I dont think that my mom should have let her
go.My mom was saying that I got to go arizona so cassie
should be able to go,but i was 17 when i went,thats a year
difference,just cuz cassies having a baby doesnt
make her an adult.I hate my family.I cant wait to move from
here.I'm thinking about going to arizona with Gabe,just to
piss off my dad,but My "dad" wont care if I go but
my mom and sisters will.I wish that I could get away from
everyone for a day or two, but I'm not that lucky.I'm stuck
in this house.I need to get a hold of Sara soon to try and
get her to go to Vegas with me,If she cant go then I dont
know who I will take.I wish that I had more friends.Then
this wouldnt be a problem.But I dont play well with other