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2002-11-05 15:26:59 (UTC)

Shit. Shit. and uhh SHIT. - CAxRE

wow a lot has happened since the last time that i wrote.

okay on thrusday after school i went over to jays and
kendra was there. then paige came over. then we all got
dressed up as troubled teenagers. hehehe. the hat club.
anyways. we went trick-or-treating in jays old
neighborhood. we had a bottle of cap'n morgan. man that
guys awesome. anyways. we got really drunk. jay stole a
candle holder thingy. then paige stole a pumkin with snoopy
on it. then paige stole a goose hat. then paige stole a ceramic
pumpkin. then jay stole a goose hat. then kendra stole flowers. then
paige stole flowers. then kendra and paige stole fake flowers from
the church. flaming morons. then we went back to jays. we ate
candy. it was good. we were drunk. we were VERY drunk.

friday i spend the night at nicoles house. its awesome
cause were not alike in anyway. but we get along so well. i
love it. danielle a was there. then we went to danielles
house. then we went to ambers house. then we went to arnies
and got food. pickles. swiss cake rolls. munchos mix. beef
jerkey. then we ate pizza too. when we were going to ambers
house a guy was chasing us in a orange jump suit and we was
very scared. but it was just brandon. then when we were
coming back from arnies nicoles mom jumped out from behind
her house and scared the shit out of us. nicole ran down
the road and me and danielle laughed our asses off. then we did
nicoles hair. then danielle went to sleep. then nikki did my nails.
then we watched 10 things i hate about you. danielle had
like 3000 journey stickers. she gave me like 500. not even
exagerating, ask paige. i counted. i have 525. guess what
everyones getting for christmas. lol.

then on saturday i was supposed to go to stephanies. i called her
house and it was busy. then 'all circuits were busy' then 'this line
is temporarily out of order while it is being checked for
problems'. so i called her cell phone, and it was off. so
yea so much for that. then paige was supposed to come over.
but she wanted to go and see katie play at legends. i told
her that there was no way that i was going to go. she had
mike take her, then she was supposed to call me when they
left but she never called. so yea i watched a movie with my
mom, read, wrote, and slept a lot. then paige came over on
sunday and we had fun. we just listened to music in my room
and acted like complete morons. ohhh yea.

on next saturday were going to have paige and carrie day. were going
to have my momma take us to see eight mile, rashee said it was really
good, she got to go an see the sneak preview. then were gonna go
everywhere that we can think of and try to get a job. then
were going to go shopping so that i can get sweatshirts and
the rest of the things that i want to get for jay fer her
birthday (which was last month and ima loser and i didnt
give her her shit yet.) shes a rad kid. shes going to burn
me sum spiffish cds as soon as her damn puter works.
anyways. after me and paige go shopping were going to rent
sum movies and get a ton of junk food and st julian and
have a paige and carrie party. whooo hooo its gonna be fun.

saturday night we might not get movies and shit, we MIGHT go to jays
with kendra and do shrooms. but im not so sure that i can get them
yet. well actually i know that i can get them im just not so sure
that we can afford them but anyways. its going to be great.

oh yea my new email is: [email protected]
im going to try to get the sn hXcRawkMe2Sleep but i have do
do that at home. hmm i have the sns myxaffliction and CAxRE
too but i dunoo what one im going to start using.

well yea i have to go do my work now. ill tell you about
kate and jonathan and ^nameless^ and shit either after i
finish or when i get home. hasta luego.