of little importance
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2002-11-05 13:58:32 (UTC)



He stares into your eyes and,
sees not a trace of light;
no want of understanding him.
He glances at your mind and,
gets bitten from your ice,
that flows and floods and chills and drowns his dreams.
He's longing for your love but,
you deny him all;
his heart is twisted from this agony.

He reaches out to passersby,
no one grasps his hands;
he knew it was in vain before he tried.
He trudges onward now,
eyes glazed over,
doesn't dare to hope to wish to dream again.
You've stolen the entire base,
of his existence;
he laughs at this irony.

He shows everyone,
exactly who he's not;
seems no one wants to see inside him anyways.
Seconds tick by slowly now,
he needs his front to fade,
knows it won't it can't he can't let it go.
You've proven that once again,
your words that break this boy;
he needs to rest just once.

Retraces his circular paths,
seeking out true joy;
tired of fleeting happiness.
He cannot cast aside these fears,
but yearns to love again,
for now needs calm needs peace needs strength inside.
Picking up the pieces,
of his shattered existence;
doesn't know where to turn.

He wants to scream out loud.
Rid this anguish from his soul.
But he keeps it to himself.
He's exerting such control.

And he mutters:
Shallow lives, shallow lives,
is this what for we all strive?
Shallow lives, shallow lives,
is this what for we all strive?