Jess's Journal
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2002-11-05 11:56:52 (UTC)

I just wanna sleep

I feel like I'm dying here but I'm not. Just a stupid cold.
Could be worse. All I want to do is just sleep but no, have
to go to school. Wish I could just fall asleep on someone's
lap. It'd be better than falling asleep on a desk. Let me
tell you. My friends don't get why I just stay home. I say I
would, but my parents (especially my mom) are particular
about me going to school. I mean come on, we really aren't
doing anything anyways. It's the perfect time to get sick
and not really have to worry about making the stuff up. It's
better today than Friday. I have my test in my WCTC class on
Friday. Hopefully I'll pass. I just gotta make sure to study
study study. Where the hell is Justin? He's supposed to come
but I guess I got stood up. What a wonderful world this is.
I've got to tell you, I haven't been in the best of moods
lately but I believe that is because I am sick. I"m always
crabby when I'm sick. Sorry guys. But thank you for putting
up with me. I have gotten lots of good advice the past
couple of days. Even from people I don't know. Or at least
don't think I know. I appreciate it. It all goes straight to
the middle of my heart. That's where all the problems are
coming from anyways. They don't come from the brain. They
come from the heart and my deep emotions. I sometimes wonder
if everything is going to be okay. And then I look at what
I'm doing with my life right now and I know it will be. I
flourish on the bad things. It adds fuel to my fire. I make
it so if anything bad ever happens to me, I take it and I
use it to help me motivate myself and push a little harder.
If it wasn't for the past, I don't think I'd be this hard on
myself or be a CNA as a matter of fact. I am so harsh it's
unbelievable. But only to myself. Like I'd ever treat anyone
the way I treat myself. I don't think so. But oh well. Gots
to get ready. Enough is Enough.