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2001-08-12 06:03:23 (UTC)


So what's new? As of now, there's really nothing much
going on. I think I'm glad I've found this 'online
journal'...I've never really taken to actually write down
the details of what went on the whole day. Come to think
of it...typing it on screen seems less strenous than
writing it down. Call me lazy, but I guess most would
agree. Anyhoo, pat myself on the back for my first entry.
Today's August 12, 2001. I just came from work...then work
again tommorow...then school the rest of the week. I don't
think I pictured my life this way ten years ago. Actually,
I really don't think anyone have pictured their life the
way they're living it right now ten years ago. Funny how
we can just 'picture', but it wouldn't always turn out the
same...sometimes it's in negative, other times...it's full
of colour. I don't know what crap I'm saying. I'm usually
full of thoughts, but I can't seem to get it down on screen
(mostly paper) exactly what goes on in this head of mine.
I guess if I got to typing every thought I've had the whole
day, my lap-top would overheat. I don't think I'll be able
to type it all down anyway since a human brain can grasp
and lose a fleeting moment of thought, unless I'm able to
type 4-5wps. Oh well...I'm just babbling on and on about
basically nothing. I remember in fourth year high-school,
my English teacher would always make us write at least 2-3
page essay on whatever topic she has in mind within 10-15
minutes, page back and forth, no line skipping, so what I
would do instead of writing about the topic...I just write
song lyrics...singing it in my head and I'd always finish 3
and a half page. She doesn't check anyway...she would just
look at how much everyone wrote. I wrote in script anyway,
so nobody would understand what I actually wrote about.
Not that my handwriting was chicken scratch...i've been
known to have a very 'elegant' style of writing. Nothing
like a doctor's prescription mind you. Anyway...I should
be logging off. Well, if you've finished reading
this...pat yourself on the shoulder for wasting a great
deal of valuable time.
Signing Off,