Anand Bose

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2002-11-05 09:41:31 (UTC)

Variations of Bacch and Glen Gould

Read through the memmoir of Glen Gould- the Pianist,

in his version of Variations in Bacch. Its was after

a long time of listening to the CD, that I did so and it

was out of curiosity too!

There's a sheer delight of

talented soul, at ease on the piano with fingers as

truant as naughty monkey.

I happened to read into is words of inspiration as :

"after listening to the recording"- he frankly

asserts that it is surprising to believe he ever played it

and feels that a spirit or spirits are at work".

O course its too far fetched to be realism and being truth. But to

feel inspired, as a feeling

of being posssessed is way of fine tuning all those

wrteched neurons to to work as machines, and touch all those

places and touch every part of the human, till the wretch of

the person has to aknowlege that there's a spirit.

Orpheus isn't mythology or some well deifined term of

an acadamic book!

He's or she is the spirit of being a mystery at work.

of course Art is possible in a realm of being possessions

of possibility.

Glen Gould ....Your Humour on the Piano ...the speedy,

delicate, cutting maneouvers are really reminiscent of

the Muse- Thaila ...joining hands with Bacch and playing

the spirit entirely different to your mortal breath is a

bequeathing one so many fragrance of pure laughter. And

None of the stupid hypocratic orential devotion.

Thank you Glen Gould for Variations of Bacch and thank

Henrich Libardi for giving a gift ...I am realising.

Anand I feel mch happier now.