Life as I know it.
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2001-08-12 05:59:58 (UTC)

caffeine is fun

So today I was -supposed- to go to this party but stupid
john didnt feel like going, so I made plans with
Kristin...eventho AMy offered to drive me, but i declined
since I kinda wanted to stay in the area anyway. So
tonight I went with Kristin to the Beehive for some coffee,
and got all hopped up on Mocha and the such. Then we went
to fuel and fuddle to drink, I had my usual 151 on the
rocks with a splash of coke, yeah my liver is golden i
swear. I saw many a hot man tonight, but of course, didnt
talk to any. Such is life, I asked the magic eight ball
tonight if I'd meet a decent man anytime this year, and it
said no. Ah such is life, I will have lindsay back in two
weeks and oh my god if my life is anything like my junior
year you journal readers will be in for a treat, I kept
mine from my junior year (in a book) and it reads like a
bad soap opera its all about Mark and I (yeah thats the
supreme asshole who screwed me over) and then since we
were the epitome of the on again off again couple, my basic
whoreness of that year, I did some crazy stuff, and
hopefully this year, since its my official last semester of
college, more crazy stuff will happen. Its not that bad,
some is pretty x-rated but mostly its R rated. Jenn
drunk=cheap entertainment.

Oh Jen didnt get her tatto today which sucked, but that
means next weekend she will be up here again, which is
nice. AND i decided im gonna get a tattoo of a small black
dragon and put it on my shoulder blade, this whole summer
ive been doing stuff im deathly afraid of so why end it?
IM trying to live life to the max. I figure this is the
most opportune time since i am

1. single
2. a fifth year senior graduating in Dec
3. young and foolish

So I figure this is FINALLY the time in my life in which I
can afford to fuck up majorly. Which I know is fucked up
to even think that, but im such a male at sometimes,
eventho im a female. Thats why I have a lot of guy
friends, not cause they are attracted by me, but because im
really one of them, I can hang with the boys. And also I
know probably by the time im 30 im gonna end up
married...im being realistic i know myself too well, I will
be married....so I figure I want to look back on these
years as wild times, where I lived life fully...and up to
now, I feel that I havent. I actually have somewhere
written my goals and goal dates for stuff to happen this
year (yeah im lame like that) and so I hpoe to acheive it,
once i can find it ill certainly post it.

My book is coming along slowly, its hard cause im trying to
embody my female friends into this one character that
represents girls (real girls not like dawson creek drama
girls) all across America and REAL LIFE. Not TV life.
Cause believe it or not, girls are much more cooler than
Katie Holmes. SO I hope that works out.

Anyway IM gonna get going to do some stuff before I go to

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