2001-08-12 05:33:31 (UTC)

david, skewl shopping, and the beach

okaaay! well today was an okay day! i went to the beach w
christina and my dark purple hair is like a faded bright
purple so it will look bad when i go back to skewl monday!
oh well! i wanna look cute for david but i will my hair
will just look bad but oh well! yea so david and
christina's lil guy aj came over! but it was really boring
for me! i spent the whole time talking to aj but that was
not the guy that i wanted to talk to! but tera and david
were like having cute little convo about guitars! but it
doesnt really bother me when they talk now cuz i kno the
reason y he is so open w/ her is cuz they have been friends
for a little while now so i cant take it personally! yea
but i am going to the mall tomorrow again to exchange this
shirt and i guess exchange these jeans cuz the zipper is
like all broken and it wont stay up so i will either get a
refund or get another pair of jeans dont kno yet! but enuff
about clothes! i really dont have that much news! i still
really like david and all but i am just not suure if we're
goin n e wheere u kno and i am sooo tired of waiting for
him! tera had a point when she said that by the time david
is all like oh i want rach and i wanna go out w her i am
going to be soo over him! which is pralyy true! yea i hope
not! like i think hes hott but then i am like okkk hes not
hott! but he is. i am just weird like that! but besides his
looks what else does he have to offer me? to tell u the
truth..i dont really kno his personality all that well! i
kno that he is somewhat of a smartass and he is intelligent
and easy going and positive and sumtimes he comes off a
really self absorbed and conceited but i dont kno! but i
hope that when skewl starts things go sumwhere w/ him! but
enuff about david! yea so i may move in w/ my aunt. i am
goin to stay w/ her for the first week of skewl and then we
r gonna decide if i want to make it a permanent thing! but
me and my dad r not really fighting at all lately praly cuz
i am never there long enuff to fight w/him! but m aunt knos
that if stay there me and my dad will be at each other all
the time and me and my bro and sis will fight too! and it
will be really hard for me to get to skewl everyday and all
that! but i am goin to go get sumthin to eat and go to
sleep well try to go to sleep! bye bye hey can rachael