Charmed Pages
2002-11-05 06:14:16 (UTC)

Ending Result

Today all in all....was a excellent day! It is so nice be
appreciated and not taken for granted.

I'm still looking for that Special Girl. I'm tryin; to
keep smilin' cause I never know who might be falling in
love with my smile. I adjusted well to my new living
conditions....ECU is the greatest, I just wish, I could
express my feelings for people more than I have in the
past. I think maybe its because I am afraid to let people
in. It's hard to change once you've put up that wall. I
mean you may love that person, but you won't love them to
the full potential that they deserve. I credit these
faults to my Ex's that I thought I loved, cause they both
screwed me over! Ain't life grand!?

Anyway the semester is almost over! I can't believe it.
It seems like jsut yesterday I came to Greenville two days
earlier than everybody else for Marching Band Camp. It's
amazing how time flies when your thrusted into new
surroundings. But everything is good... Today was a good

Good Night Everybody....

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