The jerk files
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2001-08-12 05:32:33 (UTC)

Saturday forgetful saturday

Well i woke up this morning and immediately was told to
shower and get into the van. I thought it was some kind of
basic training. I did as I was told and we started off to
some unknown city. We drove and I progressively got
hungrier and hungrier. I then proceeded to hi-jack the van
and turn off to McDonalds for breakfast. I had made it just
in time. Breakfast was just about to end, so i cut in line
in front of some old people and got some food. The trip
sooned resumed with me in ropes and shackles. I could do
nothing. Oh well. I was told we were on our way to Monterey
Bay and the 17 mile drive...if you dont know,..dont ask. So
we got there and first went to Fishermans wharf and walked
around and looked at all the other tourists. (AM I ONE TOO?)
Yes i finally decided...i AM a tourist. So i walked around
and around and saw this guy with this little monkey who
does things for change. He was cool. He will claw out your
enemies eye-balls for a dollar. COOL HUH? I ate
lunch,..Clam chowder and a piece of bread and felt like a
sailor. (honestly) I watched all the people walk by and
wondered..."What do they feel like on the inside?" Am I
different in any way? What makes me different if so? I dont
know,..sometimes i just get into these weird thinking
modes. Oh well. So we went on this 17 mile drive which is
basically for tourists. When we got to the beach i buried
my feet as far under sand as i could. (It came up to the
middle of my shins.) I also didnt know that waves were
gonna come up that high. So one did. I fell back,..onto my
butt, was soaked..i tried to get up but my feet were
stuck...and another REAL BIG wave was coming. I yelled to
my sister and brother to help me. They came but they tried
hard to pick me up but it seemed like i was doomed. Finally
out of sheer despair,..i yanked on the both of them hard,
and rose to my feet. i jumped out of the holes(which was
hard) and ran to the shore. We continued with our tourist
day. We eventually went to eat at this place called
ANDERSONS SPLIT PEA SOUP THINGY,.. i dont remember exactly
i think it was just andersons. OH well. We drove home a
got here about 9:37pm. When we got here i checked the
messages and found one from pastor art...i had totally
forgotten about playing at a church tonight. We were
supposed to play at 5pm,...i had missed it and they were
counting on me. I feel crummy right now. well.. thats
all,..maybe even too much.

Things that annoy me most

1. People that chew and I can hear it.
2. People who slurp.
3. Snoring .... (I dont care if I do...i dont hear it.)
4. People that do something still after you tell them to
please stop.
5. People who ask "Whats wrong." all the day long.
6. Arrogant peeps.
7. Alot of pink.
8. When people use other people to get something they want.
9. YOU!
10. ME!!