It smells like poop over here
2002-11-05 05:46:10 (UTC)

here's my 10 cents, my 2 cents is free

so i go to work on saturday as normal, actually, i went in
early cause we didn't have training. i go home afterward,
and im talking online and laura is, and i quote, "having
the worst birthday ever." and "you (meaning me) were
supposed to come up here." so it's like 2:30, and im
thinking "why don't i go up there? i can take matt's car, i
don't have to work sunday, they'll be no traffic cause it's
like 3 am." so i went up to state. i got there around 4:30,
i walk into through the first set of doors, (the 2nd set
are locked after midnight) and laura jumps up and
yells "mike!" and busts through the doors and hugs me. "i
can't believe you actually came up here!" devon hugged me
turns out dave got all pissed at laura and locked his
door cause he didn't wanna talk to her n shit like that. i
was told that he said that she's only using him for sex,
cause he gives it up whenever she wants it. i guess, i
don't know what guy would ever say that. but laura was all
mad cause they got into ANOTHER fight and it was her b-day
and they "wouldn't fuck tonight." appearantly they've been
getting into fights constantly, i predict they'll break up
in the near future, unless they learn not to be with each
other 24-7. anyway, we woke up dave at like 5 and him and
laura were talking and laura went off to sleep in his room.
devon and i were all touchy feely. we chilled in the lobby
with the sign-in guy, freak show dan (he's a cool guy) and
this kid dan that went to south. that dan could do like 80
dips, it was crazy go nuts.
so we talked about random shit, wrestling, football,
jimmy swartz (dan's roommate) and how he acts all gay when
he's drunk. we exchanged stories and the what not. blah
blah blah, it was like 7 am and im bout to go to bed. devon
is already in bed, and im clearing shit off laura's bed to
sleep on. devon says "you can sleep up here if you want
to." i forgot what i said, but it was something along the
lines of, "that's ok, ill sleep down here." she says "but
there's shit all over it." which there was, but there was
shaving cream on it from some sort of a shaving cream war.
so i said something like "it's ok, i don't really
care." "it's big enough, and your sweatshirt is already up
here." "im straight, it's cool." i don't know what the fuck
i was thinking. i slept on laura's bed, and thought of all
the possibilities that could have come had i slept up in
devon's bed......devon is a girl, i hope you guys could
figure that out....i mean, a beautiful girl, killer body,
weird and crazy personality wanted me to sleep with her. i
mean, she might have just wanted me to sleep in the same
bed with her, i dont' really know. but why the fuck didn't
i say yes, why the fuck didn't i stay with her?
i ran that little story by darin and kadisha (no idea
how to spell her name) during lunch. both said, "she wanted
you to fuck her." those were kadisha's words, i forgot what
darin said, but it was along the same lines. i told rich,
and he says, "why didn't you, you don't wanna get on her
anymore?" and i had to say no, i said it was b/c she was
too weird. b/c he thinks she's weird, as does dave and
laura, same with scott and tommy fucking hates her. yeah, i
have somewhat of a crush on her, but name a girl that i
don't have a crush on, specially with all the hot girls at
my school; my god, hot white girls, black girls, albanians,
hispanics, arabics, mediteranian, asians and the list goes
on and on. anyway, i gotta get some sleep, full week ahead,
specially since i skipped 2 classes today. PEACE