sheesh ya fuck
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2002-11-05 05:40:06 (UTC)

im tired ive drained the life..

im tired ive drained the life the instinct. keep moving
me. cuz i cant sit still for this long. dont let me sleep
dont let me sleep tonight. somebody kiss me awake. im
scared its not going to be okay too much is running and i
cant hold it anymore...ohh shit clean it up you overflowed
dumb bitch. dumb bitch. shadow kill me so i dont live with
the guilt. hate me hate me hate me its easy its easy see?
see? take me away from this mess im swimming in vomit acid
eating my stomach out im floating in the bodies of the
starving put me in the trunk and take me to tthe edge drop
me off i cant stay i cant stay for them anymore.