I have become comfortably numb
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2002-11-05 04:54:41 (UTC)

Letter To You Brother

Toast your glass
This is for you
I can see you smilin at me
Wishin you were here too
I know you are out there
I just don't know where
To look
But I will find you someday
When the last chapter
Closes on my book
By the way
I found your angel
The one you sent to me
He saved my life, just like
You did so many times
How could you have known
When you called on him
That we were meant to be?
But that is you
More than anything else
The smartest one
We all knew
You were the brains of all
The opperations
The one who taught me
About life
My brother, my friend,
My guidance too
I don't think I would have
Made it this far
Without you
You were my home
And now that your gone
I am saddened but I know
I am not alone
I still have you in my heart
And now through Jeremy,
I have you more
He is the precioust gift
You sent to me
He has helped me get out
All the anger
He helped me close the door
So brother sweet brother,
I have just one more thing to say
Happy Birthday and I love you
And I know now, that I will see
You another day

R.I.P. Julio Diaz
I love you and I miss you
"Dream as if you live Forever,
Live as if you die tomorrow."

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