Vanessa Jo

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2001-08-12 04:45:26 (UTC)

What a long day

Ok, back to writing in here again. At least I actually
have something to write this time. Today I went to a day
in the country concert with my mom and aunt, sister, her
friend Angie, my cousin, and some friends of the family...
that includes the 20 year old I've wrote about in past
entries. It was fun even though the music wasn't that
great. They had a carnival and there were tons of people
there. It was really hot, so everyone kept pouring water
on me all day. Ok, don't know if I've told ya in other
entries (prolly have), but my mom doesn't like me to talk
to TG (20 year old).. so I didn't really get to talk to him
at the concert. He was just spraying me with water when my
mom wasn't looking and he said a couple words about how he
didn't like my mom because she won't let him talk to me.
Anyways, the concert started at 11:30 so I was there from
11 to 6:30 at night. Then, at 10pm we went bowling so my
mom could bowl with some guy on a moonlight thing and TG
was there too. I was really hyper, so I didn't really make
an effort to talk to him. I just goofed off with Angie. I
caught him looking at me a couple of times and I think he
thought we were laughing at him. He looked really sad.. so
I'm hoping he'll get online sometime soon so I can talk to
him and find out what's up. Ok, well, I've done enough
blabbing. It's not like anyone is actually going to read
this whole freakin thing about my adventures. Lol It's
almost 1 in the morning!! I need to get some sleep.. wish
I could talk to TG and make sure everything is cool. But
it's stupid to care about him, I'm not sure what's wrong
with me. Ok, I am admitting that I am addicted to this big
huge blank page for me to just type and type away about
stupid little nothings. hehe So who cares if anyone is
reading this, because I am enjoying myself. I actually did
something to write about woooohooooooooo. Ok, well I'm
still really hyper from bowling. I'm out now, done taking
up space on this blank web page. Gooooooood night!

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