Teenage Politics
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2002-11-05 04:39:57 (UTC)

Timmy-ology and related topics

So I've already written in here for today. Im in a writing
mood. I figure I should pounce on this journalistic edge Im
on right now, because it could leave me in the next few
hours and I might not write in here for a long time. I am
about to be really busy with Oliver practice EVERY stankin
day! I know that much. I guess right now I just want to
talk about what's different in my life. I mean....every day
at school something oddly funny happens to me, but then
sometimes, I get this ho-hum feeling like my quick witted
humor has been wasted in a normal day. Im too busy to have
fun. Trying to keep up with my grades and such. Im about to
just say EAT IT and do whatever I want to do. You know, Im
not sure what to do with this unlimited freedom to say
whatever I want to say. I could fill this page about how
much I love Timmy, how his very touch can turn a train
wreck day into absolute perfection because I know...once Im
in his arms..nothing can hurt me. Maybe I could even tell
you about how physically perfect he is....with a stomach
like you only see in modeling magazines, and a face with
the perfect balance of hardass and sincerity. I could even
probably go into how he makes me feel like I am the best
girlfriend in the whole world, when he looks at me with
that look, and he says those words I need to hear most. But
all of that would take up way too much space and they would
probably start making me pay per post if I went into all
that. So I wont. Any other ideas? I've been in the school
newspaper twice...once about Dracula..and once with a
letter to the editor. I was pretty stoked seeing as tho Im
new...and already Im in the newspaper...twice..and we've
only had 2 issues! :) That and ...Ive got a yearbook page
about me and my extreme drag racing...YEA EAT THAT! YAY!
and....Im in 2 plays, I.E.'s and some other random things.
Yes...I think I've found a home here in Mansfield. I think
I like it. Actually...I know I do. People here are so busy
with their lives..they dont have time to be fake.If you
dont like them...oh well..there's other ppl to talk to.
It's not all about popularity. You do what you like..and if
you're good at it...you're cool in anyone's book. I really
like that. Well...probably cool in all things except...like
if you were the Chess Master....Im sure those ppl don't get
credit...and frankly...I see why. LOL.....DISCLAIMER : I do
not mean to piss off any chess players...if you are
offended...here ::sticks out wrist:: slap me ...Anyway, I
think I might actually get to go up to DubTown and hang
with Timmy this weekend. At least that's what Im aiming
for. Grr.....my picture on my wall is crooked. I can't go
on like this....brb. Okay Im back..it's straight. God that
bugs me. Dont laugh it's not funny. Wow, you should see me
in all my glory. I'll loathe the person who invents the
video telephone that replaces all telephones and AIM
thingies. Im sitting here in all my glory with oversized
Goofy* pajamas (matching top and bottom), my hair in a high
bun.....and my makeup completely gone except traces of
mascara. If God were to come get us right now, I'd probably
ask him to wait so I could change or something. I ope my
house doesnt catch fire tonight. I'd hate to get caught
outside looking like this. Im working on a Michelangelo
slide show that so far..is rather nice ! :) It's for World
History. I likes. Oh Gosh....I have that class with the
biggest winch in the world. She's one of those overly
opinionated UGGGGGLLLLYYY girls with no life and loser
friends. You know what I mean? She's just a freaking
loser...with a child molester boyfriend. He's like 25. She
always has to make comments at me cus she's jealous of
me...oh well..thats her problem poo-ey on her. I played d-
noes with the family tonight.....its safe to say that I
regulated...I had over 100 point lead at the end of the
game. BOO-YAH! Woo freakin HOO! Im getting good at this.
Well it's 10:43 and I still havent done my homework. I
guess I probably should do that huh. If I get writer's
block...it might be a few days. I'll see ya when I see ya!