One hell of a life
2002-11-05 04:39:08 (UTC)

11-5-02 entry thirteen

Okay...well I still can't believe only three weeks until we
move...and I still can't believe that rocky hasn't replied
my emails...I don't know what's happened with him...why
does he do this to me? He was so nice, and suddenly one day
he's just gone. Well it seems like that anyway. He doesn't
even bother writing anymore. Or coming online. What's up
with him lately? I hope he's okay.

Anyway..I went to the second interview, it went really
well, they said i have a good and dad are still
debating whether or not to put the money down. I think YES!
but that's obvious.

Lately, life has been mainly looking up for me. I'm glad.
It's getting better. Especially now that Josh and Shaun are
both free.

Today I'm going to the second agency, to see what's up
there. Mom and dad seem to think that one's better, as they
will take a shoot straight away. To be put in magazines.