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2001-08-12 04:31:10 (UTC)

Just Another Day

I think I am getting really sick- i keep sneezing so bad!
Actually i think i'm just really allergic to the kittens,
which sucks pretty bad... Today was the most beautiful day
ever- so was last night- i went to see the movie "the
others" last night and it was weird- it has a little bit of
Sixth Sense goin in it- i wonder if i'm dead and just dont
know it??? haha- when i came out to the theatre there were
so many poeple just partying outside. I love it! I live for
the crazy, free, nightlife i swear. Then- for the first
time in forever- i was rubbing my arms trying to warm
myself up, and i realized that, it really was football
season. I could feel it under my skin and in my soul- as
stupid as that sounds... I met my first love then and I
have the best memories of this time of year- and the
atmosphere and feelings literally make me cry to think
about this same time last year... kevin came over yesterday
too- we sat and talked for forever- it was semi awkward at
first... but then he wanted to see my room- and from then
on we did some mad wressling on my floor, and bed- hehe-
and then we spilt mountain dew- lol- today he stopped over
but i was gone getting my homecoming dress- it is sooooo
pretty! Now for a date! haha- I'm sure i'll go with some1,
but i want to go with the right one... I really wanna go
with dustin tyler or kevin... but I dont kno how that'll
all work out. I guess we'll just have to wait and see! I
currently weigh 2 lbs less than the last time i wrote! YAY
for me! my sister is gettin all upset over her weight she
currently weighs 20 lbs more than me! WOW! i hope i lose
all my weight be4 i go back to school- OMG! 10 days. a
month and 11 days til HC- so i should be good. I really
want a guy- a date- a hot sexy friend.... just to dream...
somebody perfect is out there- they gotta be...