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2001-08-12 04:20:38 (UTC)


there's this boy, he is... beyond real. he's absolutely
awesome. we met a couple years ago when i was at a friend's
house after track practice. i was like this is your
brother?? He's half black, half phillipino and totally
gorgeous. he has this voice that you could listen to
forever and he can dance. a boy that can really dance. we
got really close at the end of this past school year, we
did the musical together. He has the rep. of a big time
playa and i can tell why. he acts like he does. he wants
ppl to think that he is i think. and that part of him
really ticks me off. but every once in awhile you get a
glimpse of this side of him that almost never shows but
it's the part of him that you keep hanging on to. i wish i
could let go of that part of him. he's absolutely in love
with a friend of mine. it melts me. even though it's not me
he loves. he would do anything for this girl and i think,
why not me? he tells me all about her. i help him out with
whatever. he's leaving for college soon. he wants to take
me to the zoo before he goes. maybe i'll get one more
glimpse of that side of him before he's off to florida to
become a doctor or a boy~band member or whatever he ends up
doing. i'll miss cuddling with him and feeling so beautiful
because he wanted to be with me. he makes girls feel that
way. the girl he likes won't have much to do with him. i
don't understand why. but the second she sees me talking
to him she's so posessive she won't talk to me for a week.
he has commitment though. he's still trying to make their
relationship work, even though in 2 weeks he's gone till
my best friend told me joe's are inherently bad. something
to do with the name just makes them that way. they always
end up breaking your heart. maybe she's right.