2001-08-12 03:36:54 (UTC)


I took my boyfriend for granted. He tells me he loves me
and no matter what he will never dump me. At first our
relations ship was weird. We have been together for 6
months now. But in the begging we would walk right pass
each other and not say anything. But over the summer I have
gotten to know him better and I have to say he and my best
friend are the only realy people that actually know me. I
mean I have alot of other friends but they don't really
know me. I don't get close to people because it seems like
you can't trust anyone. But back to my point. My boyfriend
always tells me that he loves me so much that I could do
ANYTHING and he wouldn't dump me. And for awhile I was like
ok. So I was a bitch and didn't make an effort to see him
or to talk. But tonight I actually realized how much he
means to me and how much I love him. But I want to tell him
and show him that I am sorry for the way I had been acting
and I want to let him know I really do love him. I mean I
tell him I do and we do hang out like everyweekend but