*Bubbles and Ducks*
2002-11-05 03:26:42 (UTC)


My life is boring right now. well that's not all, if it's
not boring it's hell. Field hockey has ended and I have
nothing to do. I made all these great friends on the team
and I loved seeing them everyday, but know I don't see my
super cool friend Nicole anymore. She really made my day
fun. You know what really sucks? Alomost all my friend's
have boyfriends, and I have no one. All the guys I like
seem not to know I exist and one guy I like all he seems to
say to me is that I'm gay. Wow, doesn't that just turn you
on? J/k. I'm bored with my life...I need a new one. I NEED
PIE!!!!!!! I don't care what kind I just need PIE!!!!


P.S. I hope you all are enjoying my physcopathic ( I know I
spelt that wrong...BITE ME!!) tendencies because I'm going
to try to prevent them from now on.