The Wait For True Love
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2002-11-05 03:23:15 (UTC)

Hello Diary

Well this is my first day writing in this thingy... and i'm
not really good at keeping up with these diary things so
we'll see how long this goes before it crashes and burns.
and i must mention that im copy-cating from my room mate.
she has an online diary or journal or whatever and i thought
it wasn't too bad of an idea. might relieve stress or
something by writing down happenings of the day. speaking
of my room mate, she came back from home today. i must say
that the couple days with her not here were quite relaxing.
there's nothing wrong with her or anything its just that im
the type of person that needs breaks every once in a while.
shit everyone gets on my nerves and for the most part its
not their fault as in my room mates case. just needed some
downtime thats all. so don't sweat it roomie. i still love
you ash!:-) and plus i think im missing home. my mom's
birthday is this saturday and i really hate that i can't be
there. but i got her a great gift and i hope she loves it
(my wallet sure didn't). in other news im in strong need of
a man, sex, and weed. preferably all at the same time. one
of my best friends has found himself a girlfriend and i
never thought i'd see him with a "significant other." so
lately i've been finding it interesting to dip into their
relationship/business since i have none of my own:-(. its
kinda funny because he's new to this girlfriend thing so
sometimes she's all pissed off for obvious reasons and he's
such a big dumbass that for the most part he has no idea
why. ugh... i just wanna bitch slap him for being so stupid
sometimes. but enough of that i don't wanna spread TOO much
of everyone else's business. im debating whether or not i
should keep this diary private. i don't want ppl pissed off
at me for my feelings about them or for writing about them
in here so i guess i'll make it public for a while and then
see how that goes. ok enough of me. im gonna go now and...
do... something...