2001-08-12 03:09:56 (UTC)


So, you're probably thinking, "Damn! Another subject title
named after a boy?!" Well, this boy's extra-sepcial. His
name is Josh *obviously* and he's my boyfriend. I met him
when I was at Nicole's house. She invited some guys over to
hang out with. Clorissa was there too. Clorissa was
supposed to be talking to this boy named Taron, but he
thought she was stupid, and she thought he was ugly. So, it
was just all a bunch of mess.

Josh lives like 20 minutes away from me, but he would like
to come out here whenever he could. He's 15, so he'll be
getting his car soon. Which means he'll be out here 24/7
*yikes!*. I don't think he's that cute, but he nice. And he
has a nice body *not too skinny, but not too big*.

Well, my godsister came over to spend the summer with us.
Her name is Meesha.

Guess what?! Tval is trying to talk to me again!!!!! He
doesn't know that I have a boyfriend. At first I was
confused over whether I should stay with Josh or get with
Tval. I mean, Tval looks so bomb! But I heard he's trying
to get with my homie, Osh, and that he's only talking to us
because he wants to hit *slang for "screw"*, so I guess I'm
going to leave him alone. He could be a friend, though.

Ohmigosh, Josh is so nice. We went to the movies with
Nicole and her boyfriend, Cedrick, to see "Rush Hour 2".
The parts that I seen were funny *which were in the
beginning*. But after I got warmed up I didn't really watch
the movie *if you know what Im saying!*

Anywayz, I'm going to go now. I'm home all alone and bored
becuz everyone else went somewhere, so I'll just call da
homie, Dallas!