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2002-11-05 03:11:39 (UTC)

Happymafied :D

Heyz, well its almost gonna be two months that me and the
love of my life have together. Its so great, I love him so
much and I hope he never goes away. Well yesterday we got
into a little fight, yeah mostly my fault again. He puts
up with so much of my shit. I love him even more for that
because unlike other guys he hasnt given up on me. Well
about the little fight. On Friday we got to talk fine but
not for a long time. Well on Saturday after I got home
from school I was suppose to call him but didnt because I
took a shower. He paged me. So I called him and he was
like where were you. Like how come I hadnt called at the
time I had promised. And I was like I just got home and
decided to take a quick shower, and then I saw the page so
i called you. Then that was straightend out. Then he went
to go buy something to eat and called me back when he got
home. And he was like what are you doing and i was like
getting ready. And he was like for what and i was like im
going to the movies and he was like with who and i was
like with my cousin but i dont think im going because i
dont have any money but hopefully my mom gets here before
i have to leave. and then he was like oh okay and he told
me to use the money he had given me earlier, and i was
like no that i was just going to borrow and he insistead
it was my money and i forgot what happend after that but
the thing was that things where coo. so then his phone
started dying so i told him i was just gonna head to my
cousins house to help her clean so we could leave faster,
he told me to call him when i got home. i didnt get home
late i got home at 1130 p.m. but i didnt want to call him
because it was kinda a late time to call somebody and i
didnt want to wake anybody up. so i left it at that. On
sunday as soon as i got up i went to my cousins house and
we where just kicking it and then watching the raiders
game. I didnt have my pager on me so i didnt know that the
whole time my baby was trying to page me. well my cousin
was gonna go buy some shoes so i went home to get some
money and my pager. well then i saw that he had paged me
so i called him from my cousins cell phone and talked to
him for like 10 and told him that i would call him when i
got home and he told me not to leave him hanging like i
had done the day before and i said okay so that was that,
when i got home i called him and we talked. everything
seemed fine and all of a sudden i started telling him
about the movie and he started to tell me how mad he was
at me because i had promised to call him and i hadent and
how i dont call unless he pages and that still takes me a
long time to call him back. well then i told him im sorry
i just thought it was too late to call you. and he said
well baby i dont care if you wake me up i was awake until
around 2 because i couldnt go to sleep until i knew that
you had made it home safely. that was the sweetest thing
ever. but of course since im ana i had to say something
stupid like its not like anyone cares is i come home or if
something happens to me. and he was like well i do babe
because i love you. i was so happymafied. its not the
first time he told me he loved me but it was just so
sweet, well then i told him i was really sorry, and he
told me not to do it again because he was really worried
about me and that he loved me and didnt want to lose me
and not to break promises anymore. and i promised i
wouldnt. that was so cool. well yesterday he told me that
he wasnt gonna go to school today because he was going to
fix his car, well i told him that it was okay but that i
really missed him and he was like well i miss you too babe
but if i fix my car we can spend a lot of more time
together, but then he changed his mind and told me he
would go but that he was most likely going to be there a
little late because he had to go cut his hair first but he
would make it to nutrition. well my lazy babez decided not
to go. he hasnt paged me either and its passed 7 im not
going to call him. i miss him though but im going to wait
until he pages. well thats all for now i have more to talk
about but im tired already.