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2002-11-05 03:09:46 (UTC)

november 4 2002

my aunt came over, with all that is going on she has a way of making me feel inadequate. i want to do good and be the kind of person god wants me to be and i want me to be. but instead when we are together it just doen't come out to where i feel any better about anything i tell her about ways i am handling difficulties in my life. probably i should not confide in her it is probably not in my best interest and just focus on her and things she is interested in. steph went back with lance and i have not heard from her plus pverty plus grandbaby plus emptynest plus christmas plus my own initiative. forget it . it is too much. and oh by the way were you fasting while all this was going on. plus my husband and his feelings make it my goal to erase my brain of all these things and where is chris, i want to share more on the other site but feel funny to. bag of popcorn juice and soda that is enough for today

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