can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-11-05 03:03:22 (UTC)

Steph Pals

Yeah, so apparently Steph wants to be my friend again. FUCK
THAT. I do not need her bullshit. Last year she basically
ignored me for six months, then she got laid and wanted to
be bestest buds. And I let her get away w/ it. Now she has
LITERALLY ignored me the entire year, but all of a sudden
she's sitting down next to me in VHS, or talking to me
about Samhain. She hasn't brought up her new boy toy yet,
although I've found out she has one, but I'm not even gonna
give her the chance. If she feels the need to strike up a
conversation w/ me again, I'll ask her straight out: "WHY?"
And I will *gladly* say to her face that I am NOT her
friend only when she's banging/dating somebody. She knows
nothing about me, who I am, or what I do in my life. And
she doesn't want to. She's not heartless, I know that, and
I know that in her own way I'm sure she cares about me. But
fuck it. She shouldn't care about me only when I'm in
tears, she should care when I get a 1260 on the SATs, or
even when I'm just in a bad mood. IF she wants to be my
friend. I don't know if she does, but I sure as hell don't
want to be hers anymore. I'm NOT. I haven't been,
thankfully. But now...this, with the whole chatty sit next
to me bit. Its old Steph. Sorry. Get over your skinny
bitchy little self and leave me the fuck alone.