mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-11-05 02:58:40 (UTC)

why am i such an asshole ?

ok, i havent spoken 1 word to lisa all day. she had to pick
up mike at school, she left at 12:30, i left right after
she did. I left that early cause last night jon won some
kind of eminem prize pack from a radio station in hartford
and he asked me if i could get it for him. I had basic idea
of where i was goin but i hate bein late for work so i left
w/plenty of time. I got to station, was kinda in my glory,
i have always wanted too work in radio and her iwas lookin
into 2 outta the 4 stations in the building. I told person
at desk who i was and they told me i was outta luck,
promotions guy was out to lunch. He said that he would have
him call me, which he did, and i had him call jon. still
not sure how jon is gonna hookup with his stuff, he has to
call station back again tommorow.
I have tried to connect with lisa via text messages on
phone and no reply. like i said , i am an asshole.
she is online now, but she has me blocked, she no longer
wants to talk to me, and i cant really blame her.
i always screw things up , i guess it is my nature.
if anyone has any clue as to why i am such a jerk, please
let me know.

Lisa, I am sorry, I am a jerk, I Love you !!!!!