2002-11-05 02:42:14 (UTC)

The beginning...

Well this is the beginning of my online diary...I know duh!
Anyway I learned about this today and thought it would be
a good opportunity to kind of unwind at the end of the day!
To let things out that have been on my mind...I used to
write a lot just kind of grown up lost track ya know. Well
today is the day for me to start again!!
So I will start from this morning....when I finally did
wake up this morning I was in a hurry to get to work..and
voided the interstate because of the unfortunate bad
traffic latley. Yes! I am afraid of the interstate right
Well I did get to work but not exactly on time...but I
did what I had to do you paperwork and things like that
(just one of the few things I don't like about my job).
Then around lunch time my boyfriend surprised and scared
me, when he came to eat with me. I didn't expect him to be
there at all then he snuck in through the back door,
grabbed my side and made me scream. But it did make me
happy to see him!
Time flew by at work(thankfully) and I was outta there!!
I came home then went to the mall. I didn't buy much just
a few christmas ornaments. Wizard of Oz ornaments which
made me very happy!! I was also looking for a birthday
present for my mom her birthday is Sunday, but I did not
find her anything. We went to mcdonalds grabbed some
dinner and came home.
So at the present moment my boyfriend is doing one of his
favorite things, watching football. One of the things he
gets really,really involved in:)
Well I am off to bed pretty soon have to get up and start
the routine thing early in the morning once again.
So goodnight all!!! I shall talk to you again soon!!