A Cavalier Looks At 27
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2002-11-05 02:34:50 (UTC)

November 4, 2002

Today was an incredibly long day. Jean pointed something
out to me today, though. All she needs to do is ask a
question about Jenny and there is an instant smile. She
asked what was special about her today. It started me
thinking. What is special about Jenny?

1. Her attitude towards life. Grabbing it by the horns
and trying to direct it whatever direction she wants it.
2. She is giving. Mostly of her time, which is very
sparse in her life. She is forever making time to help me
with this or that or even driving to see me.
3. She is loving. Hearing her say "I love you" is an
unbelievable rush. I have had other people say it and the
words just don't compare to when she says it.
4. It's stupid, I know, but some of the things that she
does. When I'm holding her, she gets even closer, almost
trying to become a part of me. The "Yeah" that she gives.
It is a wonderfully understanding and compassionate word
when she says it, and th thoughtful look on her face when
she says it speaks volumes.
5. Her passion. Not only in the bedroom, which is
unparralled by anyone I've ever been with, but I'm speaking
of her passion for life. It's so inspiring.
6. The security she gives me. Knowing that she loves me
makes me feel secure. Holding her in my arms makes me feel
like nobody in the world can hurt me.

There are hundreds of things I could say about her. But
what truly makes her special? The way she makes me feel.

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