this incarnation
2001-08-12 02:16:15 (UTC)

this ones good

u create your own reality
in my heart - this is true
in your dreams
when you want something
its there
it is the same in the waking state
only we have time to slow the outcome
we experience time
because of the conscious mind
which is just brain waves
in dreams and meditation the mind can reach
beyond space and time
the military even uses remote viewing
its possible to be in more than one place at a time
more than one time
everyone has this potential
thru tapping in thru the right brain
using more than 10%
is entirely possible
quantum physics says the observer has everything
to do with the outcome
reality is what we perceive it to be
its funny
science is proving
everything is energy
myself-my dreams-my favorite muzik to dance to
thoughts are energy
magik is focused energy
using tools---words---and rituals
matching frequentcies
building energy----------------------------
if all of our minds r universally connected
proven by seeing color alone
than if we all belive in something
couldnt it be manifested
over time
like sci-fi
it really isnt anymore------
these are my thoughts from the last 15 minutes