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2001-08-12 01:45:35 (UTC)

Pick or Choose...that is the question

~*Everyone over my dads house jus came back from the
beach today.I missed scott and nick sooo much.Also parker
came over and i havent seen him in awhile.Hes cool.I wanna
move over my dads...i know how he is but i jus cant stand
my house ne more.If i move over there the ppl r so cool and
i wouldnt have to spend as much time at home.Which is a big
plus.but my dad beinf abusive is a minus...what to do what
to do *sigh*.I will jus rot in either one and i would
rather it be with scott and nick.I get alonh ppl better
over there plus i think it would be good for me to get away
from leslie.OH wells i will think about it and talk to my
mom.I dont think shell let me but i dont carfe ne more.Only
3 more years...only 3 more years....