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2002-11-05 01:32:42 (UTC)

oatmeal. its been awhile mr mush.

today has sucked but im trying not to let it get me down
too much.
i should be happy no matter what on a day that i skip two
of my three classes of the day, right?

but i feel like crap and thats difficult to ignore. ive
been trying though. hm.

yeah so i just got home from taking the test that i missed
on tuesday when i was in tallahassee.

it sucked.

4 essay questions.

i hope that i did okay. it was very difficult. and im all
out of it. so. thats not a great fucking combination. as
long as i passed, ill be happy though. whatever.

jessie is supposed to call me after her softball game. i
dont know what i want to do tonight. something different
but fun. and those things are hard to find in orlando. hm.

i want a strawberry french soda from borders. num.

my dad was just telling me what his friend said about me.

"last time i saw ashley she was an ass kicking tkd going
blackbelt, now she looks like she ought to be driving a vw
bug with a big peace sign, when did she turn into a

i dont know whether i find the humor in that or whether i
find it upseting.

but then again, when have i ever taken anything anyone,
aside from people i really love have said about me, to

i have a fever. tylenol robin says. i dont know if we have
any of that. i should go look.

i talked to sandy yesturday. i thought i made it pretty
obvious that i didnt want to talk to anyone online
considering my away message was, "i dont want to talk to
anyone", but still she immed me.
and i decided that maybe she would help put me in a better
mood. i dont know why i was thinking that, but i guess
thats just the optimistic crazy sunshiney side of me. and
of course, she ended up pissing me off more than actually
making me feel better.
how are you going to start a conversation with someone who
isnt in a good mood to begin with and then make it worse
by telling them your problems and your issues with shit
that relates to them? and then after you finally get on a
good topic where that person is actually opening up to
you, how are you going to be like, sorry i have to go bye.
right in the fucking midst of a conversation?

shes so utterly inconsiderate at times. and its funny to
me because she makes such a point of being OH SO
motherfucking considerate towards EVERYONE. i mean i
remember one time when she was very LATE to meet me.
because she stopped on the side of the road to help some
guy with his car. which is nice yeah. but i mean.
priorities are supposed to be just that.

i just hate it when people front you know. i mean. i
really hate it. and a lot of times i tend to forget that
she is how she is. because shes SO conviencing for the
most part. and i know that she cares about me, and all of
her friends. its just irratating.
but yeah. drama people are good at that whole fronting
thing, eh?

no offense robin, you know youre the one exception baby. =)

well im bored now and getting off line =)